Again, wanted to mention that I am extremely pleased with this entire experience. Your level of skill, diligence, cooperation, communication and overall professional integrity are of highest grade. And I am a very picky guy! I always come with a vision and I want it done the way I want it done and I want it done fast. I expect good communication so I am not left hanging. Most importantly, I want to feel that the freelancer cares for the project and enjoys working on it - not just doing the bare minimum just to get me off their back. I'm very impressed. And I'll hire you again in a heartbeat. thanks, Vlad
- Vladimir Pogrebinski - Canada

It's flippin' HUGE!!!! You pulled-off the crazy piano sync thing, the verse guitar stuff, the bridge and everything else!!! Above and beyond!! You continually amaze me, man! Total thanks and gratitude........I'm listening to it as type this, and I'm smiling ear to ear. --Again, absolutely floored!!
- Geoff Walter - Los Angeles, California

Hi Nigel
You really have done a fantastic job!!!! (I mean brilliant!)... Many many thanks. (it is so rare to find a producer that gets the idea so fully)
- Jamie Fall - UK

You did an awesome job bro!!! Thanks so much for your efforts on this song. The vocals and instruments all sound great!
- Mike Callan - NC - USA

Hello Nigel!
I can't thank you enough for actually listening to the demo for 'Girl Gone Bad' that I sent in to you and playing it back. SERIOUSLY. I say this because, as I indicated before, I worked with someone previously who (despite my demo version of my song) played a backing track so different from what I sent in, that it was unrecognizable. I was so disappointed. It has been a few months, and I still can't bring myself to listen to what was done to my song. You, however, did the exact opposite and that is so refreshing! You listened to what I sent in and the changes I requested, hit the mark and totally rocked it!
- Tammy Heyward - GA - USA

Hey Nigel,
I listened to the song. I REALLY like it a lot!!!!!! Exactly what I was looking for!!! Terrific job!!!
- Jonathon Brannon - LA - USA

I just got my first song back and I have to tell you that I am stunned. I love what you did with it. I usually just write country style because that is all I can handle but I think you did an awesome job with it and I am very pleased.
- Bill Crowe - San Diego - USA

Hi Nigel
I love it!!!! Great chorus and love the bridge. Turned out awesome. Thank you!!!! The song turned out great! I will definitely keep you in mind for my next demo and will let other songwriters in need of demos know of your service.
- Marilyn Oakley - Reedsburg, WI - USA

Hey Nigel,
I'm really impressed with your work on 'Replaced & Erased'. You've been able to capture what I had envisioned the song should sound like, and more. Not an easy task given only the rough acoustic demo I provided. I was concerned that the transitions from verse to chorus, etc. wouldn't come across well but you were able to make those blend nicely. The acoustic and electric guitar combo played off one another perfectly and I like the jangly tone of what sounded to be an electric 12 string during the verse sections. The chorus 2 percussion and vocal change-up was very cool as well as the lead solo with the bit of fuzz tone added. The mini-pause between chorus and verse was a nice touch too. Well done mate!
- Murray Wilde - British Columbia

Hi Nigel,
I downloaded the song today ' What My Heart Desires ' I think it sounds Brilliant I'm very pleased with the end result. Thanks again.
- Roy Hackers - Kent - UK

Hi Nigel,
The changes were right on and the new version sounds excellent. Thanks for that again and I appreciate your reasonable rates. I hope to be able to work with you again soon.
- Murray Wilde - British Columbia

Hi Nigel,
Both songs have turned out excellent, you've done an incredible job on both. I'll certainly be in touch soon with more material to demo. Many Thanks, Brian
- Brian McCabe - Northern Ireland

Hi Nigel,
Excellent vocals, great bass, great drums, great work. This song needed your vocals on it, I am really pleased with the end result, can't stop listening to it, superb work. You've made another songwriter very happy.
- Martin J. Stalker - UK

Hi Nigel,
As always you've done a superb job and captured the melody perfectly. As I've mentioned before "Wandering Aimlessly" is but a small part of a concept collection I am working on, and as soon as I finish the next installment, I will certainly be sending it your way. Again, thank's for all you have done, and do. Talk to you soon, David
- David Smith - Cookeville, TN - USA

Testimonial for a demo featuring the vocal talents of Tiffany Casto
I'm really pleased the way Nigel transformed my basic ideas for the 'X Factor Girl' song, into this fab production, it has hit written all over it. Tiffany gets the meaning of the song over beautifully, the music is just fab, love the beat, latin guitars etc, well done. The idea for this song came about as a result of a film project me and my co- writer are working on, this girl acts sings and dances, and she thinks the song is absolutly brilliant.
- Ned Buckley - Tipperary - Ireland

Hi Nigel,
Brilliant, I love the way you have interpreted the song, thank you very much for your hard work, fast turnaround and dedication to each and every song, it is a pleasure working with you.
- Rebecca Hunt - UK

Hello Nigel,
I think you did a superb job on this one, the guitar is just as I meant it to be and you got the vocal just right, even in the quirky little bridge part and at the end
- Les Walowicz - Shelby Township, MI - USA

Thanks Nigel
Again you've done a superb job, I really love them both. "Till my dying day" especially. I look forward to having you work on some more.
- David Smith - Cookeville, TN - USA

Hi Nigel
I haven't stopped playing this song since I downloaded it, nice intro, sounds great I'm really happy with it....Outstanding work. Thanks for your time'
- Martin J. Stalker - UK

Thank you so much for getting the song to me on time. You are fantastic! The song sounds terrific!.
- Janine Rivers - St.John, Virgin Islands - USA

Hey Nigel - The songs sound great. I really like the way "Til the End of Time" turned out. Those were some nice touches you added.
- Mike Tifft - Babbitt, MN - USA

You did a really great job. The music is great and I see nothing to fix with the final mix. Thanks for a job well done.
- Gabe Fedota - Atlanta, Georgia - USA

Hi Nigel, I'm lost for words, 'BRILLIANT'. The bass line is just perfect, the emotion of the song is just right. I've used demo services before and what you have done in less than two weeks has taken other services four months or more, and even then not as impressive as this. I'm so glad I found your web site.
- Martin J. Stalker - UK

Thank you, Nigel. Your finishing touches sound great and complete the song. Very nice work! Thank you again! - Tim Keesee- Virginia - USA

I got your demos this morning. They are of excellent quality as before. I'll be calling on you in the future with further material. - Brian McCabe - Northern Ireland

I really like what you have done.The basic structure is where it needs to be. I can't wait to hear the finished product. - Evan Blackmon - Topeka, Kansas, USA

I love it, it's got a kind of Kinks/60s feel to it. It certainly wasn't what I was expecting. Thanks for all your hard work. It's a winner as far as I'm concerned. - Dave Watson - UK

I got the mp3 and I loved it. I think you did a great job on this project. - Gabe Fedota - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The backing tracks are fabulous. No mistake, Perfect. Nice job. - Richard Wilcox - UK

I love it...you captured the feeling exactly...great job. The arrangement is perfect. - Scott Metro - Pahrump, Nevada, USA

Had a listen - this is perfect. - Bonnie Marcell - UK

I listened to your final cut of 'Ibiza Nights' on my neice's AOL 'Little Bits At A Time' Media Player and it sounds great. There is a little hint of Spanish Guitar which also gives it a holiday feel. I look forward to hear it in it's entirety on the CD. Thank you. - Gerard Logan - UK

Thank you for the 'Stop Thief' demo, it's great. I love the impact of the drums and the guitar work is great. Thank you very much. - Gerard Logan - UK

I heard the mp3, I really liked what you did with the piece! Just as I requested, an upbeat pop tune... I must say it is a pleasure working with someone who sets expectations and then delivers on those promises (or delivers even sooner). I really appreciate your quick turn-around time and your professionalism. Again, thanks for all of your hard work. - John Fitzpatrick - Chicago, USA

Once again I cannot fault what you've done, I'm really pleased how this has turned out. You've given it the summer feel it needed, I like the way the piano sound flows around the rhythm & once again an excellent instrumental, also the chorus has a nice uplifting feel. - Martin J. Stalker - UK

Thank-you so much Nigel, 30 hours was so beautiful it gave me the shivers,and thank-you for the mix. I really appreciate it. It is beautiful, and you interpreted the lyrics so wonderfully. - Maggie Pragratis - Dorval, Quebec, Canada

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