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'Your interest in getting it just right for the songwriter is unique'
Jeff Johnson - USA

Here's What's On Offer

Four demo recording packages offering songwriters digital quality recordings for songs that require either a basic, superior or deluxe multi-track arrangement featuring vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, custom drum tracks and keyboards.

The deluxe package features top session vocalist David Cagle to add that extra dimension to your songs .

Alternatively I can create a backing track without vocals so that you can record your own vocal or guitar/keyboard solos. At the opposite end of the multi-track spectrum is my Super Saver package which is for straight ahead no-frills rock.

I also offer a music composition service for lyricists which involves the composition and arrangement of any style of music for any style of lyric.

The demos I create are mainly in the styles of rock and pop although acoustic folk/country styles can also be covered.

Here's How It Works

My online song demo recording service utilises the power of the internet by receiving and sending demos using the mp3 file format via Effectively what this means is that you upload an mp3 file featuring a rough demo version of your song (including lyrics), and I will then download your version, arrange and re-record it to a high digital standard and upload the completed mastered version for you to download.

You can then decide if it is to your liking. If, however, you would like me to make changes I will incorporate your ideas into a new version until you are completely satisfied with the results. I will then re-upload the new version for you to download. Downloads are offered in either high quality mp3 (320kbps) or WAV format.

Recent Testimonial

Nigel has thus far recorded six demo songs for my protest songs for the economic crisis, of all things. Can I just say that his work kick's ass and takes names? His arrangements are great, his recordings are top notch, and his playing is spot-on. I have been very pleased and he has been easy to work with and very cost effective as well. Highly recommended. :yes. - Mark Synder - USA

Please click on the following You Tube link to hear the songs and watch the videos:


Before and After Sample

'I Have A Dream'
(Words and Music by Vince Barnes)


David Cagle Deluxe Vocal Package
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Super Saver Package
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Basic and Superior Multi-Track Packages
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